Robot. Mostly designed to kill.

Line 1: I’d get crackin’ if I were you.

Line 2: Much obliged, ma’am.


Preston (Male mid thirties)
Preston is the sort of guy you want to take with you on a bank robbery. Or a heist. Serioiusly, he’s like Malcom Reynolds.
You’d take Nathon Fillon on a heist right? (note: the person who gets cast will have to do an older version of the same character)

Line 1: May 1st, 1880: Preston, Chronomada One reporting. Targets anticipated our arrival, and had drone soldiers at the ready- Just a minute!-
Targets escaped, and are headed for the eleven o’clock train. Will pursue once our current situation is resolved.

Line 2: (Older) You shoot Mister Drone there? He blows the train sky high. Choose your next move wisely.

Bill (Adult male. Early 20’s)
Bill is the game maker. He takes his nerdiness very seriously.

Line 2: Now, wait just a second. That’d be a good roll, but that door’s just too strong. Anything less than a natural 20 isn’t going to do more than
hurt you. You take Two points damage. Well, you kinda dodged a bullet there.

Matt (Adult male. Early 20’s)
Matt just enjoys the other’s company. He hangs out and just has fun.

Line 1: Oh yes. I found an old book in the back of the university library. Where they keep the antique and, shall we say, dangerous books.
And it works.

Jason: (Adult Male. Mid 20’s) J
Jason, like Bill, is very proud of his nerddom. He takes these games seriously and wants everyone to cooperate.

Line 1: Come on, guys, let’s just do this, okay? Katy, I think it was your turn?

Line 2: If it’s an iron door though, he can’t, because his magic doesn’t work well against iron.


Virginia: (female. Late twenties)
Virginia is adventureous spirit. Along side Preston for the long haul. (Note: the person who gets cast will have to do an older
version of the same character)

Line 1: Five bucks says that engineer’s kin to Mussolini.

Line 2: (Older) I’m not up for another round of games, Diamond. Where is the gold?

Rubina: (female. Twenties)
Rubina is Diamond’s partner in crime.

Line 1: We didn’t send the drones!

Line 2: Doesn’t surprise me. We’ve been stuck in this time loop longer than I care to remember.

Diamond: (Female. Twenties.)
Rubina’s partner in crime.

Line 1: The drones! Those mooks who explode when you shoot ’em?

Line 2: Every time we loot the vault, they send the drones.

Danielle: (Female early 20’s)
She’s just dragged along with Bill to “round table discussions” (Role playing games)

Line 1: Yeah, lemme tell you how much fun I’m having. Because sitting around fighting imaginary monsters is how I wanted to
spend a Friday night. Not to mention Matt’s mom always buys the generic soda. Why did we have to do this at his house,

Katy: (Female early 20’s)
Unlike Danielle, Katy is really into this game. She’s a nerd, but she’s tough. And sarcastic.

Line 1: Danielle just wants to keep an eye on you. She doesn’t trust my feminine wiles.

Line 2: Bullcrap! I’ve got a 17 in strength! I’m a strong Amazonian warrior!

Litha: (Female demon. Unknown age)
Well.. Litha seems to be a very annoyed demon. She's tired of being summoned by people who found a certain book.

Line 1: (Demon-y growl) I AM LITHA! WHO SUMMONS ME?!

Line 2: Another damn kid who found a stupid book and thought he could summon a demon. If I had a nickel for every one
of you idiots…

Please label your auditions as "CharacterName_YourName.mp3" for example: "Preston_PaulBrueggemann.mp3"

If you are auditioning for more than one role (And please do) put each character into a different zip folder and
send them off to me at

Deadline for auditions: ***NOVEMBER 5***!