The Kingery

Welcome to the Kingery Road Resort and Casino, the galaxy’s premiere vacation destination. Stop by the casino, take a stroll down to Shenanigans or visit the famous Saley, Onks and Liddle for a trip you’ll never forget. Just watch your step, because if you cross the boss, the Kingery will chew you up and spit you out, a broken shell of what you once were. A full-cast, serial, ongoing sci-fi crime drama.

We have voluntarily self-rated this production as R. Mature subject matter. Listener discretion is advised.


Episode Archive

  • Silver Linings

    Episode Number: 501

    Tommy goes to jail as evidence is unveiled and a case builds against him!

    Episode download: TheKingery5x01master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery5x01commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: September 2, 2011

    Run Time: 13:50
  • Kings Over Aces

    Episode Number: 412

    Stakes are raised and hands revealed as Tommy takes the fight to Yamada!

    Episode download: TheKingery4x12master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery4x12commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: May 27, 2011

    Run Time: 20:25
  • Probing

    Episode Number: 411

    The puzzles fall into place as Tommy gears up for a fight! 

    Episode download: TheKingery4x11master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery4x11commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: April 29, 2011

    Run Time: 21:10
  • Stacked Deck

    Episode Number: 410

    Tommy gets played, Yamada raises the stakes and Hooks steps into the war between Devi and Tythia! 

    Episode download: TheKingery4x10master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery4x10commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: April 1, 2011

    Run Time: 21:51
  • Bullets, Proof

    Episode Number: 409

    Hooks is caught in the war between Devi and Tythia while Maddie has her final showdown with Statton! 

    Episode download: TheKingery4x09master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery4x09commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: February 25, 2011

    Run Time: 15:22
  • A Momentary Lapse

    Episode Number: 408

    Tythia and Devi fight for business while Maddie learns a clue and Asa gets caught in the crossfire! 

    Episode download: TheKingery4x08master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery4x08commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: January 28, 2011

    Run Time: 14:10
  • New Ideas

    Episode Number: 407

    Maddie is caught between a sniper and an irate boyfriend while Tommy and Sandrine have dessert and Tythia's wild idea shakes up The Kingery! 

    Episode download: TheKingery4x07master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery4x07commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: December 24, 2010

    Run Time: 22:55
  • Beyond the Path of the Sun

    Episode Number: 406

    Tommy faces the ghosts of his past while Devi gets Shenanigans running and Cassandra gambles on the arena! 

    Episode download: TheKingery4x06master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery4x06commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: November 26, 2010

    Run Time: 21:44
  • Big Plans

    Episode Number: 405

    Maddie is hit on and Tommy puts the family to work! 

    Episode download: TheKingery4x05master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery4x05commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: October 29, 2010

    Run Time: 23:43
  • I'm Gonna Need a Few Minutes

    Episode Number: 404

    Devi uncovers Hooks secret and Tommy makes Regina an offer she can't refuse! 

    Episode download: TheKingery4x04master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery4x04commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: October 1, 2010

    Run Time: 29:51
  • Romantic Notions

    Episode Number: 403

    Tommy and Major make new friends as forces gather against them! 

    Episode download: TheKingery4x03master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery4x03commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: August 27, 2010

    Run Time: 24:43
  • The Hook Ups

    Episode Number: 402

    Regina confesses to Roberts and Maddie makes new friends while Devi pounces Hooks! 

    Episode download: TheKingery4x02master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery4x02commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: July 30, 2010

    Run Time: 22:44
  • Blood is Thicker than Water

    Episode Number: 401

    Tommy takes control, Devi's past is laid bare, and Statton reveals his hand!

    Episode download: TheKingery4x01master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery4x01commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: July 2, 2010

    Run Time: 19:24
  • Thunderstruck

    Episode Number: 312

    The Kingery explodes into a battlefield as the war between Tommy and Shimizu shifts gears! 

    Episode download: TheKingery3x12master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery3x12commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: April 30, 2010

    Run Time: 24:27
  • Deep Shit

    Episode Number: 311

    Hooks turns master criminal as he leads Tommy and his crew in the heist! 

    Episode download: TheKingery3x11master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery3x11commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: April 2, 2010

    Run Time: 36:40
  • Two Truths and a Lie

    Episode Number: 310

    Shimizu cons Regina while Maddie pushes her investigation and Hooks braces for the heist! 

    Episode download: TheKingery3x10master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery3x10commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: February 26, 2010

    Run Time: 20:36
  • The Bimbo Outfit

    Episode Number: 309

    Major bares all for the war and Roberts goes down in the crossfire! 

    Episode download: TheKingery3x09master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery3x09commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: January 29, 2010

    Run Time: 27:55
  • Equal and Opposite Reaction

    Episode Number: 308

    Major spars with Sylvia while Devi hits her limit and Tommy heats up the war! 

    Episode download: TheKingery3x08master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery3x08commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Hadley.

    Release Date: January 1, 2010

    Run Time: 21:25
  • Forward Momentum

    Episode Number: 307

    Devi wrestles with detox and rising business while Regina scares Roberts and Tommy starts the war!

    Episode download: TheKingery3x07master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery3x07commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Paul Leclerc.

    Release Date: November 27, 2009

    Run Time: 27:08
  • Parts of the Machine

    Episode Number: 306

    Maddie and Roberts tackle their cases while Tythia discovers Devi's addiction and Hooks says no to Tommy! 

    Episode download: TheKingery3x06master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery3x06commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Paul Leclerc.

    Release Date: October 30, 2009

    Run Time: 19:09
  • The Awkward Phase

    Episode Number: 305

    Tythia gives Devi a rude awakening, while Tommy and Major behold Sheppard's church and Maddie pursues her case! 

    Episode download: TheKingery3x05master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery3x05commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Paul Leclerc.

    Release Date: October 2, 2009

    Run Time: 25:37
  • Everybody Needs Money

    Episode Number: 304

    Tommy tightens his grip on family business while Hooks and Devi spiral out of control. 

    Episode download: TheKingery3x04master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery3x04commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Nick Pendleton.

    Release Date: August 28, 2009

    Run Time: 25:48
  • Dance with the Devil

    Episode Number: 303

    Devi makes a painful apology to Hooks while Tommy struggles with recovery, Sylvia and Shimizu! 

    Episode download: TheKingery3x03master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery3x03commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Paul Leclerc.

    Release Date: July 31, 2009

    Run Time: 29:00
  • False Pretenses

    Episode Number: 302

    Sylvia seizes control from Tommy, Regina makes an alluring friend and Tythia lays out a plan to save the family! 

    Episode download: TheKingery3x02master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery3x02commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Paul Leclerc.

    Release Date: June 26, 2009

    Run Time: 21:38
  • Under Pressure

    Episode Number: 301

    Tommy starts over, while Regina adjusts to being in charge and Madeline's obsession deepens! 

    Episode download: TheKingery3x01master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery3x01commentary.mp3

    Cover art by Paul Leclerc.

    Release Date: May 29, 2009

    Run Time: 25:37