An anthology show where featured shorts are heard through the lens of lessons in a futuristic post-apocalypse.

The content of "Seminar" varies by episode as dictated by the featured shorts. Shorts range from very G-rated to hard R. Listener discretion is advised.

Episode Archive

  • Poetry and Culture

    Episode Number: 2

    Who is rapping, rapping at the chamber door? A dark and foreboding creature, or a gentle but imaginary friend? Seminar tackles the ways in which we cope with loss and despair... or fail to. Featuring "The Raven" and "Genji".

    Episode download: Seminar02master.mp3

    Release Date: March 24, 2007

    Run Time: 18:43
  • Sounds and Greed

    Episode Number: 1

    What happens when Satan has your phone number, and knows all of your darkest, dirtiest secrets? Whatever it is, it's got to be worse than when your ex-partner in crime gets out of jail and has a plan for one more big score that could set you up for life... or does it? Featuring "The Sound of the Click" and "The Big Payday".

    Episode download: Seminar01master.mp3

    Release Date: February 24, 2007

    Run Time: 19:51